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Marilyn Stuelke

Name Marilyn Stuelke
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Specialization Office, Flex Space & Industrial
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Throughout her professional journey, Marilyn has enjoyed success helping people strategically manage items of great importance to them such as their money, children, businesses and now their buildings.

After graduating with honors from Wells College, Marilyn worked as a financial advisor at Dean Witter (now Morgan Stanley) in downtown Clearwater. This set the stage for her to now keenly identify scenarios specifically suited for investors to attain financial goals though commercial real estate.

With motherhood, came years of teaching in the private school her son attended. After that, she was a headhunter where she strategically placed candidates at insurance companies helping them to fill the toughest positions. Later, as Benevolence Coordinator at CTN, she reached out to churches to financially help members in their congregations. Returning to consultative sales, Marilyn worked on the Verizon project at FIS by introducing business owners to using wireless GPS technology systems to optimize their fleet's efficiency and increasing their bottom line.

Marilyn is very fortunate to be with the wonderful team here at Klein & Heuchan, Inc. Her background in consultative sales dovetails well with Klein & Heuchan's dedication to professionalism, excellence, and integrity. Her experience enables her to listen well to problem solve and successfully negotiate for sellers, landlords, property managers, buyers and tenants presenting the opportunities in commercial real estate that will most benefit them. Marilyn has mostly worked with industrial/warehouse/flex and showroom spaces as well as many general and medical office spaces.


From a property manager for medical office complex:

Good day Ms. MacDonald,

I hope this note finds you well. I manage the Northside Professional Complex in St Petersburg. I was speaking with our Realtor associate, Marilyn Stuelke, this week, when she said that your firm was considering retaining her services. Please allow me to recommend that you do so without hesitation.

We have utilized their realty services for almost a year now and have enjoyed great success, increasing our occupancy significantly. Marilyn brought new tenant leases to three units in the first five months of efforts and we are currently waiting on signatures to close new leases on four other units. She has worked tirelessly to show our property and the one time she was unable to be present for a showing one of the other professionals at Klein & Heuchan stepped in to cover without missing a beat.

Marilyn has been very easy to work with. Her communication skills are second to none, I'm never left wondering if she got that email or that text. She has offered realistic suggestions of things we could do to: A) help land new tenants and B) increase the rents for our existing tenants upon renewal. We acted on those suggestions and they have proven to be successful.

If you have any questions, I would be happy to take a call.

From business owner needing warehouse space for studio:

Theresa Galdony- owner of Color America

Meeting Marilyn was like meeting a new best friend. As a woman-owned business, it was refreshing to work with another woman who was in commercial real estate. The synergy and collaboration I experienced was not like any other working arrangement I have had before. Marilyn's experience and knowledge of commercial real estate and negotiating skills was invaluable. Her patience and tenacity proved that our working relationship was more than just 'closing the deal." I highly recommend her.

From business owner needing warehouse space:

Starr L. Armstrong owner Five Starr Staging & Redesign, LLC

Dear Mr. Klein,

The purpose of my email is to commend your associate, Marilyn Stuelke for her wonderful professionalism.

My husband and I are the owners of Five Starr Staging & Redesign, LLC. Our company has enjoyed significant growth over the past couple of years, and we found ourselves in need of new warehouse space. Now, up until this point, we had never leased a space as large or engaged in signing a lease agreement for more than one year. In other words, we were babes in the woods when it comes to understanding the intricacies and legalities of long term leasing.

When I initially met with Marilyn, she asked me very detailed questions about our business and how it works, what our goals are for expansion and growth, and various other pertinent questions. She performed a search from our personal residence within a five mile radius and zeroed in on the perfect warehouse space for us in one shot! Marilyn was careful to explain the lease agreement and our responsibilities to our landlord. And, she helped us save money as well.

Needless to say, we were very impressed with her knowledge, professionalism and attention to detail. I highly commend Marilyn. You definitely have a wonderful associate!

Warm regards,

Starr L. Armstrong

From a business owner looking for health care clinic space:

To whom it may concern,

This letter is in regards to Marilyn Stuelke and her significant contributions to our company, as our real estate broker, in finding our new health care clinic. Marilyn was hired by our company that currently runs two multi-specialty clinics with Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Medical Doctor/Physician Assistant on staff. I have been very impressed by Marilyn's strong work ethic, ability to see the vision of our company, availability for prompt communication and her passion towards helping our company to find a new clinic location in order to match the high quality of our brand.

I have had the opportunity to work with multiple real estate brokers but few have made such a positive impression on me, as Marilyn has. Having a competent professional, such as Marilyn on our team, who was always eager to go above and beyond for our company has allowed us to find the perfect new clinic. Often times while communicating with Marilyn throughout this project, I found Marilyn diligently working to stay on top of all her duties. Marilyn has made a positive impact on our company and I am more than happy to write this letter of recommendation for her.

In my opinion, there is no better real estate broker that is more deserving, of an opportunity, than Marilyn. Her commitment to excellence and great work ethic is evident on a daily basis. I would strongly recommend Marilyn to any businesses, including health care companies such as ours, that are looking for real estate services.

Amanpreet Bhathal

Chief Executive Officer

Advanced Medical of Florida, LLC